Wiccan Blessing Oil For Prayer, Healing, Purification & Protection

Our wiccan blessing oil is meant for use by those that want to align themselves with a better power and strengthen their faith. Blessing oil is taken into account to be one of many older blends that has been used as a method to help heal and assist the vulnerable and purify and cleanse an individual or particular surroundings.

Blessing oil can be great to make use of when you simply want to acquire the blessings and favor of a particular deity or God. We have now made sure to make use of some of the most holy herbs and oils in this blend, significantly those talked about in the Holy Books as well as used those used during essential rituals in different ancient cultures. Our blessing oil contains frankincense, myrrh, rose, cedar and a variety of other holy herbs and oils.

There are numerous ways you can use this blessing oil. It could, in fact, be worn, dabbed in your favorite jewelry or charms, anointed on crosses, and even rubbed onto your altar and different holy objects.

Sprinkle some oil on the doorway leading up to your entrance door. Rub some in your window sills or combine in a bucket of heat water to do a normal home cleansing. Rub some on your heart chakra when feeling melancholy or just rub some on your body while saying your favorite prayer.

For those who want to ask for assistance for one more individuals, get a white pillar candle and carve the name of the individual you want to help. Then, anoint the oil onto the candle. If you really feel ready, light the candle and recite a prayer of your own.

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